Book Cover Design

Did you know one of the biggest expenses of the publishing industry is book cover design? In fact, publishers spend only slightly more on the entire editing process than on the cover. This is because good book cover design signals to readers that the entire package has been invested in. Book publishing is extremely competitive, and most readers intuitively spot a cover put together cheaply, or by the author.

Sadly, cover design is often the thing self-published authors skimp on, because their budgets are low, or they are under-confident their costs will be recouped. Too many great books haven’t achieved the sales they deserve because of failure to invest in this crucial stage.

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"Simon understood my thriller book cover design brief, and gave me a cover which has increased sales."

Susanna Quinn

"I gave Simon a tough brief, and his design just took my breath away. This cover looks so much better than other Regency Romance out there. The understated corset on the front is just the right amount of provocative, whilst still being elegant and refined. Simon was a true professional from start to finish. His prices were excellent value, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

A. Broughton