About Book Cover Design – Frequently Asked Questions

Authors and self-publishers often ask me about book cover design work so I’ve started this FAQ page which I’ll be building on over time. If there’s a particular question you’d like me to address then get in touch and I’ll see if I can help.

For more information about the industry head over to my book design cover blog where I give some insight to what my years in the business have taught me.

Over the years I’ve learned that when it comes to book cover design you need to think like a reader, and make readers feel something when they see your cover thumbnail on Amazon, while avoiding cliches. Cutting corners and using free design tools in an attempt to keep your costs down won’t do you any favours in the long run – you have to do a proper job and come up with a considered cover design that speaks to your reader by setting the tone and mood and lets them know what they’re in for quickly and efficiently.



"Simon understood my thriller book cover design brief, and gave me a cover which has increased sales."

Susanna Quinn

"I gave Simon a tough brief, and his design just took my breath away. This cover looks so much better than other Regency Romance out there. The understated corset on the front is just the right amount of provocative, whilst still being elegant and refined. Simon was a true professional from start to finish. His prices were excellent value, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

A. Broughton