I’ve got the book front cover… What about the book back cover?

I love designing book back covers. Once the front is approved it’s a fairly easy matter to take the same idea and come up with the book back cover. I don’t think book back covers should be underestimated. The first thing most readers do is turn to the book back cover to read on. So the design must be as professional and well-laid out as the front, to deliver the most compelling package to a potential reader.

I’ve seen book back covers neglected, even by professional publishers, and I think it’s a big mistake. It’s the second thing people interact with when considering a book, and a shoddy book back cover can lose readers.

So how to get a great book back cover? Obviously, I would say employ a professional designer! But certainly I would recommend giving it due attention and not treating the book back cover as an afterthought. Especially if you’re planning on selling physical copies as well as Kindle books.