The Road is Not All up Hill ebook cover design

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The Road is Not All up Hill

Werner du Toit


Biography Book Cover Design – The Road is not All Uphill by Independent Author Werner du Toit. An honest and open memoir of a everyday person’s journey to discover extraordinary life lessons. Crossing two starting lines, one real, one fictional, failure to reach a finish, a tipping point in life crossed in more ways than one. A story about dreaming too big and running off a cliff. Finding superheroes and uncovering truths learned in childhood. The brief was to design a simple e book cover with strong clear typography which would stand out as an Amazon thumbnail.

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"Simon was awesome at understanding what I was looking for. Even with the limited guidance I gave him to work from. I Love the final result. If you are looking for a professional book cover design, look no further."

Werner du Toit