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The Five Year Mark

Mike Saunders


Business Biography Book Cover Design: The Five Year Mark is collection of personal stories and lessons I have learnt , while building a business. In short, easy to read chapters, I cover a range of principles and lessons learnt during our company’s first five years. These include: vision; leadership; operations; personal development; culture and more. In many ways, this book is something I wish I could have read during the early years of my entrepreneurial journey. It would have saved me some time and money, and I would be further along the way to entrepreneurial success than I am today. My hope is that this book helps you build and grow your business to the next… Five Year Mark

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"I would advise anyone working with Simon to trust his judgement and opinion. He's experienced, creative and deliberate in the work he produces and I could not be happier with my business biography book cover design"

Mike Saunders